The Hopeless Network Marketer

Are you a hopeless network marketer?
By hopeless, I mean either unsuccessful or desperate. If so, you are in the majority.
Because most hopeless network marketers have one thing in common... Lack of belief! Belief in themselves, belief in the company, and belief in the product. But why? Why is it that some people turn tail and run as soon as a family member or friend says 'no' to their opportunity, whilst others shrug it off and carry on to the next person.
Who knows for certain? Many books and articles have been written about the psychology of network marketing; about success; about the reasons for failure. But one thing is clear to me - how we respond to our challenges and choices helps to determine our destiny; whether in network marketing or life in general. A negative attitude will almost always result in a negative outcome, whilst a positive attitude has a far better chance of resulting in a positive outcome.
Ask yourself, which is easier? Signing up to a new opportunity, rushing out and pitching to all your friends and family without stopping to learn the basics of the product, and then giving up with the excuse that 'this opportunity is rubbish, it doesn't work' when you can't retire from your day job after three months because you haven't made enough sales; or attending training, having meetings with your upline, reading books on personal development, learning how to manage objections and generally becoming a 'professional' at what you do, even if it is part time at first?
Obviously, for the hopeless network marketer, the quick pitch and the even quicker excuse is by far the easiest option.
But who said network marketing was easy? Did you just assume that when you start your own business you become a millionaire overnight? If so, you need to change your mindset. Few worthwhile things in life come easily. In fact, to become truly successful, you need to learn to change. Very few people are conditioned from birth with a positive attitude - quite the opposite. How many of us were told 'don't do this, don't do that' as a child? Probably most of us. So we need to cultivate our own positive energy levels by increasing our own competence and our own self-belief before we can expect others to buy from us.
This confidence separates the true network marketer from the desperate network marketer. Ever heard of the phrase 'some will, some won't, so what?' - all successful marketers know that some people will buy from them or join their opportunity, some won't be interested but, most importantly of all, has the attitude of 'so what?' - it really doesn't matter, because it's absolutely impossible that everyone you speak to will be interested. The hopeless network marketer hasn't learnt this yet. Hasn't learnt to let go. Isn't confident enough to walk away, but desperately tries to sign up everyone they meet and takes every rejection personally.
How to stop being a hopeless network marketer? Develop belief, develop posture, understand that 'no' is part of the process, become competent. Be a leader.


  1. Jim - Nottingham24 May 2010 at 13:36

    This is so true. Too many people think that network marketing is a 'get rich quick' scheme but the truth lies in hard work and commitment. Keep up the great articles.

  2. when we reject a product at a shop why the shop keeper put it back in the shelf carefully?
    because he believes in the product and waits for the right customer.
    well written Gloria

  3. It is silly to think that the MLM business model is different from a business model that sells a product. If you find an MLM company more interested in showing what a great compensation plan is an excellent product, but you should know that there is something fundamentally wrong.

  4. Most people in network marketing do not do enough discovery, we don't have the right to bring up our product/service until we know how it will help someones situation..but we have to know their situation first...which involves asking questions that our product/service may be the answer to, in a smooth and logical way.
    Just going up to someone and asking if they want to lose weight, save money, make money etc...are horrible ways to start off a conversation about your NM company...People don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care.
    If you are desperate to sell your inventory, it will definitely come across that way and you will do poorly.
    Discipline your disappointments, Care more about others, help others get what they want and you will eventually get what you want.

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