Self Development and the Marketing Entrepreneur

Google 'self development' and you'll be hit with over 100 million results. So it's a big subject. But what does it mean to the marketing entrepreneur, and how does it help anyone make a success of their business?

Simply, self development is a means of continually evolving and updating one's learning and development. But is it necessary, and why can't we simply start up a business and get on with it?

Well, we can of course, but we'd better be prepared to be overtaken along the way. Because self-development is as important, if not more, than upgrading and beautifying the workplace from time to time if we are to be regarded as marketing experts in our chosen field.

So how do we go about it without spending loads of money on self-help, development and marketing courses? There are lots of ways, but the most important of all is quite simple... Take Action. Because by taking action, you are doing something, and something is always better than nothing!

The internet is a powerful self-development tool, because information is at our fingertips for free. Spend time every day reading articles that will help you develop your leadership skills, time management skills, financial skills, negotiation and marketing strategies. Learn how to set your own goals and work towards achieving those goals. Learn how to temper your creativity with sound business skills.

For the marketing entrepreneur, learn how to speak to customers, how to recognise buying signals and overcome objections. If your business is network marketing, make sure that you keep abreast of your product line and any changes. Attend as many training courses and events as possible. Align yourself with successful people and learn their methods.

Buy, read and re-read self-development and marketing books, google u-tube and watch videos, listen to cd's, watch dvd's. Constantly update and evolve yourself. Learn how to write yourself a business plan and follow it.

There are clearly many ways to improve skills and mindset, and to be a successful marketing entrepreneur then self-development is critical.

Or, as the inspiring Zig Ziglar says "Obviously, there is little you can learn from doing nothing"


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