Objections: I'm not sure I would be interested

Overcoming objections is part of the process for every business owner; particular within any kind of sales role. Learning to deal with objections can be fun.

Take the objection "I'm not sure I would be interested" How do we respond to this?

Well, consider that you've just had a conversation with your prospect. You've discussed what kind of work he/she does and they're shared with you a 'reason why' they want or need more money. Then say:

You know, from what you've just been saying about [their reason why], I feel that you can't really affort NOT to have a look at this. If you'll agree to keep an open mind, I'll give you some information that you can carefully review, then we can see if it will work for you.

Always keep in mind that you're only trying to help. You're not a pushy sales person. If this prospect comes on board you'll be spending a lot of time and effort helping him or her grow their business. If they don't come on board willingly and with enthusiasm then you're wasting your own time.

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