How to Generate Leads for your Utility Warehouse Business

Utility Warehouse offers UK consumers the opportunity to save money on household utililities. Every family uses them, and every family needs them, because where would we be in today's modern world without gas, electricity, telephone and broadband?

But you also have the opportunity to earn an income from your utility warehouse business. But, like most home based network marketing businesses, your success or failure will be determined by how many customers you can generate, and how many new distributors you can bring into your team. For this, you will need a constant stream of leads. Here are two ideas using the internet that you can use in addition to the face-to-face marketing and other network marketing methods that you will practice every day to generate leads.

First, google 'homeworking forums UK' - choose two or three forums, create your profile making sure to include your utility warehouse site address details, and contribute to the forums. This is a good way to market yourself rather than your business. Be careful not to advertise in your posts; simply by giving good advice and information within the forums you will be positioning yourself as an expert. Over time, as people learn to trust you, they will check out your profile. After all, people are more inclined to do business with someone that they trust.

Secondly, write articles. This is not as hard as it sounds and you don't need any experience. If you read a few articles from different sites, you will soon pick out the ones that are interesting and give value. Follow the same style. Write about something that you know and give out information within your article. The principle is the same as contributing to forums - you have an opportunity to create a resource box or profile and it is here that you link to your utility warehouse site or opportunity page.

As you might imagine, using forums and creating articles is not a quick way to build your business. But they are free resources and, over time, you will build your credibility as a serious business person. As an entrepreneur you should be open to trying any method of lead generation so that you can pass on your most successful tips to other members of your team, because creating successful distributors within your team is the fastest way of growing your utility warehouse business.


  1. An excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash from home...but is this opportunity available only to UK consumers????

  2. Hi 'cash back card', thanks for your comment. Much appreciated and of course, as you know, it is available only to UK consumers. However, as a very successful entrepreneur yourself, I'm sure that you have many more hints & tips that you could pass along and I would urge all readers to click on your link to find out more about your inspirational story. Thanks again.

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