Utility Warehouse & Award Winning Customer Service

Sometimes it's appropriate to blow your own trumpet; paticularly when you've achieved something worth shouting about.

For many years our patience has been tested, sitting on the other end of a phone waiting to be put through to a phone company, energy supplier, bank, etc in an overseas call centre with long queues and often unhelpful or unknowledgeable advisors.

Well, Telecom Plus Utility Warehouse have been awarded Which? Best Buy status for their customer service from their UK call centre. Click on the French & Saunders image and listen to them tell you how 90% of all calls are answered within 15 seconds.

Do Telecom Plus customer services get it right every time? Of course not. It would be lovely to say that everything is perfect, but I've never yet come across a business that is, including my own. However, what is great is not having to waste at least 20 minutes (and once over an hour with BT) trying to get your message across and still not resolving the problem.

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