Overcoming Objections in Network Marketing

You've just joined a great network marketing opportunity but you can't seem to get started because all you can think about is what kind of questions people will ask you.

This is a common problem for new network marketers, and in fact for many new salespeople. They focus on, and even expect, the negative rather than the positive, and will use the 'objection' as the reason why they weren't able to make a sale.

Here are a few ways to build your confidence in overcoming objections:

  1. Prepare yourself. Be professional. Understand your products or services so that when someone raises an objection related to the product, you can answer truthfully. Be positive about your product. People are generally intuitive buyers. If they like you, and believe that you know what you're talking about, you're likely to encounter less objections.

  2. Treat objections positively. Sometimes your prospect genuinely wants a reason to buy, or to join your network marketing team, but wants answers to some very real questions first. Did you join your network marketing business without asking any questions?

  3. Anticipate objections. If you anticipate the kinds of questions you're likely to be faced with, and prepare thoroughly, your answers will be more natural and won't come across as being scripted. You could even build them into your presentation.

  4. Treat your prospect like a person and not a number. If you come across as a pushy salesperson you'd better be good at overcoming objections, because you're likely to receive lots! Talk to your prospect with genuine interest, and listen to the answers. Engage with that person to discover how your product or service can be of benefit to them, and discuss the benefits.

  5. Third Party Credibility. If you have some, show your prospect some comparison data or third party recognition for your product. People can be wary of network marketing, but are less likely to offer objections if you can show credibility.

  6. Justify the objection. If the objection is a good one, tell them so. If others have also felt this way, tell them so. If you firstly justify their concern, then go on to answer the objection positively, you are showing them that they have no need for concern, but that others have felt that way initially.

  7. Pre-empt. By pre-empting, you are handling the objection before it is raised. There are many ways you can begin your pre-empt. You could start by saying 'A question I'm often asked is ...', or 'you might be thinking that ...'

  8. Ask for objections. If you're really feeling confident, why not ask your prospect if they have any questions? If you have prepared well, you'll come to love this, as the type of questions give you an insight into your client's mind. Validate the objection, talk it through to depersonalise it, and deal with it professionally.
Above all, be calm. Treat your prospect with empathy rather than condescension. Write down their objections as they're being raised, and work through them. Be factual. Show your prospect that you have respect for their concerns, and you're well on your way to making a success of your new network marketing business.

After all, it would be a little unnerving if someone bought your product or service without raising any objections at all wouldn't it?


  1. What is written above is good advice.
    The first thing with getting an objection is to be comfortable, control the urge to react or defend.
    It's just someone asking a question as part of a dialogue (in this case a sales dialogue).
    Treat it like that, relax and apply some of the suggestions above.

  2. I see you're no stranger to objections yourself Greg. I appreciate your feedback. I agree with you that it's simply part of a sales dialogue. Many people get that 'fight or flight' reaction when asked a question, but a little self-confidence can work wonders. Gloria


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