Objections: I don't like selling to people

This is a great objection, because it's frequently misconceived by people that in order to be a network marketer you must necessarily be a pushy doorstep salesman.

In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Most great network maketers never need to stick their foot in the door (metaphorically); they generate business by 'offering' their products and services, whether it's to friends and family, work colleagues, talking to strangers and bringing it into conversation, or working the business online. Sincere network marketing businesses never promote spam and, these days, bullying marketing tactics rarely work. The public are much better prepared to say 'no' if they think they're being 'sold to'

So, in answer to this objection, we recommend that you say "That's great, because neither do I"

In truth, the fact that you're not 'selling' to your prospect is proof enough that it's not a selling business.

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