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In today's high tech world, the internet has given every network marketing business a boost by enabling online marketing. So much so that traditional offline marketing sometimes gets forgotten by new home based entrepreneurs; particularly if they're a little shy or unsure of how they will cope with meeting and talking to new people about their business opportunity or product.

But offline marketing still has much to offer the network marketer; after all, networking is vital to any business because, without customers, there is no business. Here are a few ways to start with offline marketing.

1. Start with people you know. You will feel more comfortable with friends, family and colleagues. Mention your new business in conversation and check their reaction. Be sure not to be a bore. Creating interest is much harder to master than blurting out everything you know about your new business, but you must be ready for the fact that not everybody is going to be as enthusiastic as you, and not everybody is going to be interested. You'll simply turn them off if, every time you meet them, you're harping on about your opportunity. Learn how to LISTEN with your eyes as well as your ears. Watch their reaction and be prepared to let it drop.

In fact, if you're nervous and you've just started your network marketing business, why not tell them this and ask them if they've got a few minutes to listen to you and critique how you're presenting your opportunity. Even if you don't make a sale, you'll have had some valuable practice sessions!

2. Attend events. Your network marketing company should offer all kinds of events, from training days to seminars and conferences. Attend as many as you need in order to feel comfortable with your product or service, and draw from the inspiration and experience of other network marketers who have been in the business for longer than you. Don't assume that, just because someone seems successful and has reached a high level, they won't be interested in a new marketer. On the contrary, successfull network marketers have reached that level because they're good with people and generally because they have a genuine desire to help others achieve what they've achieved.

Once you're comfortable with company events, you could move on to trade shows, networking lunches, chamber of commerce etc.

Learn how to promote yourself at these events. Make sure you have business cards to hand out and, above all, make sure that you take details of people who have expressed an interest so that you can follow them up.

Make sure you do follow up when you say you will. This is imperative, and picking up the phone is probably one of the hardest things to do for a new network marketer, but you'll have to learn to overcome your phone fear if you are going to have a successful network marketing business.

3. Create opportunities. There are many ways to do this. Some people are comfortable with the '3 ft rule' and can hand out a business card to anyone within 3ft of them, others prefer to put cards in windows or an ad in the local newspaper.

Why not spend an extra minute with the door-to-door or telephone salesman and pitch your own opportunity right back at them. (Give this a try next time someone knocks on your door - it's huge fun). They have, after all, just invaded your privacy uninvited, so why not? They are sales people and, who knows, they may not be making much in their present job, or hate having to work in an office if they're telephone sales.

How about holding your own network marketing event at home, or setting up your own network marketing group?

Send out letters to local households, postcards, flyers. If you're comfortable, offer to give a presentation to your local community groups about how to start and run a home based network marketing business, and the difference it has made to your life. Don't assume that retired schoolteachers, home based mums or junior football coaches won't be interested in changing their lives. After all, ask yourself why you started your network marketing business.

Finally. Enjoy your business. Nothing is more infectious that talking to someone who enjoys what they do. Someone who looks confident and secure. You are unlikely to do well in network marketing if you present yourself as pushy, ill informed and needy. Be well prepared and invest some time in your own training and knowledge of the business and you're well on the way to a successful network marketing future.

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