Guide to Savings with Telecom Plus - Gas & Electricity

As the cost of energy rises, more and more people are becoming conscious of their utility bills, and look to ways of reducing both costs and energy consumption in the home.

Energy saving tips include: turning off unnecessary lights and electrical goods such as computers & other office equipment; cutting down on the amount of time spent in the shower and regulating the heating in winter.

Other ways of reducing energy consumption is to make sure that your home is properly insulated, windows are upgraded or properly sealed, doors are weather-sealed, boilers are checked, the use of energy-saving lightbulbs etc. etc. and there are many savings guides available for those who wish to learn more about how to make their home more energy-efficient.

One such guide can be found at http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/ - this non-profit organisation gives advice, not only on energy-saving tips, but also on the availability of grants.

There are also a number of comparison websites that allow people to use as a guide to saving by comparing the cost of their gas & electricity and, if they choose, to change suppliers. However, since prices the the UK change often, and since there are lots of different types of offers to choose from, this can be a little confusing. The company supplying the cheapest gas or electricity today, may be the most expensive in 6 months time. Also, not all suppliers are necessarily listed on these sites so the comparison may not be fully comprehensive (Staywarm for example is not listed), but they can be an easy option for people wishing to change suppliers on an ongoing regular basis, and some people are fervent believers in changing suppliers regularly to obtain the best deal for them.

Anyone considering changing tariff should check to make sure that they are not already contracted to a specific term with their present supplier, since cancellation charges may be imposed.

Telecom Plus Plc, trading as the Utility Warehouse, offer a Triple Value Guarantee which, when compared with like-for-like standard domestic usage profiles over a year for low, medium and high users on a direct debit tariff, guarantees to be cheaper than British Gas; guarantees that electricity prices will always be cheaper than the prices charged by the regional electricity supplier for the area where you live, and that prices will always remain competitive compared with the cheapest standard tariffs available from the 'Big 6' suppliers. With no minimum contract, and all charges detailed on one bill, switching to Telecom Plus could be a risk-free guide to savings option for many people.


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