Why Most People Fail at Network Marketing

You've watched the video, seen the compensation plan, asked your questions, been to the presentation and it looks easy, right? If those other people at the conferences can become rich, you can too, yes?

So why aren't there more millionaire network marketers?

Why do we constantly hear from people that "this, or that, product or opportunity doesn't work"?

Why do people jump from one opportunity to another with no success?

Understanding the, very simple, answers to these questions can show you why most people fail at network marketing and why others succeed.

First. Be realistic. Don't set your aims too high right from the start. Set your goals to within manageable limits. Want to retire early ... well who doesn't? But perhaps your first goal should be to earn enough to pay your mortgage or utility bills each month, followed by paying off the car (or buying a new one) or mortgage completely, foreign holiday, school fees, etc. Then perhaps going part-time in your J.O.B. or even saying goodbye to the boss completely and working full time in your own network marketing business. Finally, the retire-early goal becomes achievable. Ok, perhaps not within the first three months of your new business, but certainly within five years if you've stuck around that long.

Next. Educate yourself. You don't have to go to business school or anything. But you should be able to draft yourself some kind of plan, and you do want to sound as though you know what you're talking about when someone asks you about your compensation plan, or about your products. Try to imagine yourself as the customer or prospect. Would you buy from you, or join you in your business? Work on yourself, your knowledge and your presentation. If you need help, ask. There should always be someone in your business who can mentor you because, as you'll quicky find out, sharing knowledge and helping your own team to succeed is one of the quickest routes to your own success.

Finally. Be prepared to put in some effort! I know, it would be great if the riches just fell into our outstretched hands, but it's never going to happen and you might as well accept that right from the start. There's no point complaining that 'this doesn't work', or 'that doesn't work' if the truth is that 'you don't work'.

How much effort do you need to put in? It's different for everyone. There are people in network marketing who knock on doors and sell beauty and household products to repeat customers and make a good enough living out of it to pay for the luxuries (and sometimes necessities) in life. Then there are those who have a high online presence with pay-per-click marketing campaigns who take their presentations to chamber of commerce meetings, seminars, entrepreneur summits etc, and there are all manner of people in between. There is no Right Way, or Wrong Way to market your business - but there has to be Some Way.

Understand these simple points, and you will understand why most people fail at network marketing, and why you are going to succeed!


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