What to do when people are downright nasty!

I came across someone today who sent a nasty email and, for a second or two, it upset my equilibrium. Then it reminded me of a buddhist saying that goes something like:

"When we hang on to hostility, anger, and discontent, we become thieves, robbing ourselves of happiness."

I'm sure that everyone has at some time been angered by someone else, but have you noticed that the people who remain angry, who can't let go of the wrongdoing, are actually unhappy themselves?

What does this have to do with network marketing? Not a huge amount, but in some ways it reminds us that when we present our opportunity to people, some will say yes and some will say no. Some might not even be polite when they do so. What matters is whether we let it bother us, or whether we shrug it off. We are, after all, only presenting an opportunity. What does it matter if it's not right for some? The answer is that it doesn't. Not at all.

The moral. Don't ruin your own happiness by hanging onto feelings of discontent.


  1. You are sooo right! Too many people get stressed when they hear the word "no" - just chill out, and the business will be much more fun. Jim

    PS - I'm liking your work.

  2. Thanks Jim. I appreciate that you take the time to add comments on our posts.

  3. Love the article. You commented about people who can not let go of anger or the wrongdoing are atcually unhappy themselves. That is so true and it amazes me how those particular type people just LOVE beng in that vacumm as though it gives them comfort of some sort. Amazing, isn't it?!


  4. I think you're right Jennifer. I was standing in a (very long) queue at the bank today and only two cashier's were serving. You can imagine some of the (very loud) sighs, shuffles, 'tut-tut's .. I admit that it brought a smile to my face as, being an estate agent by day, we're well used to people's moods and our shoulders just get a bit broader when people get the grumps.
    Gloria x


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