Personality Types: Yellow

Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly identify the personality of the person you are speaking to about your opportunity, and tailor your presentation in the best way possible so that you only need to discuss what your prospect wants to hear to understand how the business could work for them?

It would certainly allow you to present your business in a more simplified way, and give you more time to build a relationship with your prospect.

If you take a few minutes to Listen to your prospect, you will quicky be able to identify which of the four main colour categories they fall into. Here are a few tips for the colour Yellow:

Yellow personality types will usually talk about how they like to help people, their feelings and are clearly warm-hearted and often softly-spoken. They are likely to work in the care industry, as teachers, social workers etc. Yellow personalities are often great communicators because they listen to other people's needs and can often make a great addition to your team because they will take the time to help other people grow their business.

Yellow personalities may not be quite as 'go getting' as other personality types, and will need to adjust to your business prosposal gradually. They may need the input of other people they trust, and will need the freedom to work at their own pace. But they are generally good team players. Dependable, patient and supportive.

If you want to work with this person, you will need to explain how your product will help people; help them save money, help them to lose weight, help increase energy, help generate an income that will allow them to spend more time at home with their family etc. etc. as this will motivate them much more than a fantastic compensation plan or the incentive trips and cars you can win.

Get this right, and you will have a good, solid partner in your team.

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  1. Great article and spot on with the 'yellow' personality type.


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