Personality Types: Blue

Do you think that you're cool, calm and collected in all situations, warm-hearted, innovative, organised, entrepreneurial, ambitious, persistent and successful? Or aren't you sure how others see you?
The psychology of colour profiling personality types has been around for many years, and is used in many situations. In network marketing, understanding the personality type of your prospective distributor or customer can be extremely helpful in allowing you to make your presentation in a way that will appeal to your audience.

Of course, whilst it's not guaranteed to work every time, the key is to Listen to your prospect, and you will quicky be able to identify which of the four main colour categories they fall into. Here are a few tips for the colour Blue:

Blue personalities tend to be fast-paced, people-oriented, creative and enthusiastic. They're generally fun-loving and love the approval of others. They are likely to be public speakers, sales people or connected to the entertainment industry.

You'll soon know whether you're speaking to a blue personality. They love to talk and, whilst not great listeners, they're outgoing and passionate speakers who love to verbally share ideas. However, they can be a little excitable, impulsive and unrealistic.

If you want to work with this person, there's no point into going into all the minute detail of the business, as blue's are slightly disorganised and more likely to act on feelings rather than logic. Your presentation needs to be short and succinct. You need to make it sound exciting and fun. No drudgery for blues, or they'll be rushing off to the next opportunity. Blue's are motivated by recognition and the approval of others. Tell them about the social activities that come with the business and you'll be appealing to what motivates them most.

Blue personalities have an eye on the future. They tend to make quick decisions and they make lots of right (and wrong) calls, but are quickly up and running onto the next one. Introduce a Blue into your business and it will never be dull. Slightly dramatic, poor at following up and usually on the lookout for fun, this high energy, stimulating social magnet will also be an inspirational motivator for your team.

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  1. This is so true. I'm loving this series on colour personalities. Sarah


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