Objections: No Time

Probably one of the all time most-heard objections is "I'm not sure I'd have the time"

Like many other objections, it's most often not a deliberate ploy to try to get rid of you, but a genuine misconception that running a network marketing business from home needs to take hours and hours every day. This is particularly true if your prospect is already working in a JOB with other committments at home.

The truth is, of course, that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and you should let your prospect know that, if they really want to have the chance to enjoy the lifestyle that they have already told you they want, then they are simply going to have to Make Time .. with your help of course.

Tell them that you will be working closely with them initially so that you can help them apply some time management techniques, and that the number of hours each week that they put in is literally up to them. In reality, many people begin building their home businesses by putting in as few as seven hours per week.

If your prospect is really interested, and the time is right, this objection will be easy to overcome and you will easily put their mind at rest.

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