Who's going to win the Apprentice?

I can't help it, but I'm a fan and, whereas Big Brother leaves me in a fog (I just don't get it) I'm glued to the edge of my seat whenever Sir Alan opens his mouth?

What is it that attracts us to some types of personalities, whilst others leave us cold?

Is it me, or have the women been strong characters this year in comparison to the men? They certainly seem to be willing to stab each other in the back in their scramble to be the Apprentice. I wonder what Sir Alan's really thinking behind that inscrutible face of his. He certainly seems to show incredible loyalty towards his employees (his two advisors on the show have been with him for year apparently), yet there's little loyalty in his contestants.

How many of us genuinely believe that we would be much better than any of them? I certainly am guilty of criticising practically every task that they do, but am big enough to wonder if I could perform any better on camera.

Is it all just entertainment, and I'm being royally taken in? If so, I do it willingly and will be avidly awaiting the outcome on Sunday (albeit with a glass of red for company).

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