Why Most People Fail at Network Marketing

You've watched the video, seen the compensation plan, asked your questions, been to the presentation and it looks easy, right? If those other people at the conferences can become rich, you can too, yes?

So why aren't there more millionaire network marketers?

Why do we constantly hear from people that "this, or that, product or opportunity doesn't work"?

Why do people jump from one opportunity to another with no success?

Understanding the, very simple, answers to these questions can show you why most people fail at network marketing and why others succeed.

First. Be realistic. Don't set your aims too high right from the start. Set your goals to within manageable limits. Want to retire early ... well who doesn't? But perhaps your first goal should be to earn enough to pay your mortgage or utility bills each month, followed by paying off the car (or buying a new one) or mortgage completely, foreign holiday, school fees, etc. Then perhaps going part-time in your J.O.B. or even saying goodbye to the boss completely and working full time in your own network marketing business. Finally, the retire-early goal becomes achievable. Ok, perhaps not within the first three months of your new business, but certainly within five years if you've stuck around that long.

Next. Educate yourself. You don't have to go to business school or anything. But you should be able to draft yourself some kind of plan, and you do want to sound as though you know what you're talking about when someone asks you about your compensation plan, or about your products. Try to imagine yourself as the customer or prospect. Would you buy from you, or join you in your business? Work on yourself, your knowledge and your presentation. If you need help, ask. There should always be someone in your business who can mentor you because, as you'll quicky find out, sharing knowledge and helping your own team to succeed is one of the quickest routes to your own success.

Finally. Be prepared to put in some effort! I know, it would be great if the riches just fell into our outstretched hands, but it's never going to happen and you might as well accept that right from the start. There's no point complaining that 'this doesn't work', or 'that doesn't work' if the truth is that 'you don't work'.

How much effort do you need to put in? It's different for everyone. There are people in network marketing who knock on doors and sell beauty and household products to repeat customers and make a good enough living out of it to pay for the luxuries (and sometimes necessities) in life. Then there are those who have a high online presence with pay-per-click marketing campaigns who take their presentations to chamber of commerce meetings, seminars, entrepreneur summits etc, and there are all manner of people in between. There is no Right Way, or Wrong Way to market your business - but there has to be Some Way.

Understand these simple points, and you will understand why most people fail at network marketing, and why you are going to succeed!


How to Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity

If you've been made redundant or your company has gone out of business. If you're only just managing to make ends meet. If you're doing ok but you just can't make that holiday this year. If you watch your boss and realise that you could do the job better if only you had the chance. If you see the new people getting promotion in front of you. If you would like to work from home to spend more time with your family. If, if, if ....

There are hundreds of reasons why people choose to look for a network marketing opportunity that they can work from home, either part-time or full-time and now has never been a better time.

Network marketing has undergone a transformation. It is no longer thought about with scepticism and the 'pyramid marketing' stigma of years ago, but is recognised for what it is. An opportunity to work from home, to work for ourselves, to be our own boss, and to be responsible for our own success.

Plus, it has the added benefit of few overheads, no staffing issues and it can fit around our lifestyles or even our full time job, if we want it to.

So how do we go about choosing the right network marketing opportunity?

First. Look for longevity. Has the business been around for a few years? If not and it's a new venture, then you take the risk. Ok if you're in the risk business, but most people want a company with a history and, furthermore, a history of success. This is as important as the compensation plan because the greatest compensation plan on the planet is no good if the company goes out of business!

Next. Choose a company that fits in with your own ethos. Few people can successfully offer either a product or service to anyone else if they don't believe in it themselves. Ask youself whether the company will impose unrealistic targets on you, or whether you will be able to build your own business at your own pace. This is a MUST for most new network marketers because it takes a while to build confidence, build routines, build a customer base and build a distributor network.

Finally. Make sure that your chosen company offers unlimited, free, quality training. Ideally you will need a company that will offer a mentoring system. Don't forget that successful network marketing is about 'partnerships' - you will be creating partnerships between yourself and your customers, yourself and your team, yourself and your sponsors. And the better the partnerships, the more successful your business will become.

There are plenty of network marketing opportunities on offer. Take some time to choose the right one for you, and you're almost there.

Telecom Plus Utility Warehouse ticks all those boxes for us. Have a look at our free video to see if it could be the business for you.


What to do when people are downright nasty!

I came across someone today who sent a nasty email and, for a second or two, it upset my equilibrium. Then it reminded me of a buddhist saying that goes something like:

"When we hang on to hostility, anger, and discontent, we become thieves, robbing ourselves of happiness."

I'm sure that everyone has at some time been angered by someone else, but have you noticed that the people who remain angry, who can't let go of the wrongdoing, are actually unhappy themselves?

What does this have to do with network marketing? Not a huge amount, but in some ways it reminds us that when we present our opportunity to people, some will say yes and some will say no. Some might not even be polite when they do so. What matters is whether we let it bother us, or whether we shrug it off. We are, after all, only presenting an opportunity. What does it matter if it's not right for some? The answer is that it doesn't. Not at all.

The moral. Don't ruin your own happiness by hanging onto feelings of discontent.


Personality Types: Green

Is your business prospect open or self-contained, direct or indirect? Do they listen more than talk, or talk more than listen? If you're not sure, then you'll struggle to know how best to offer them your opportunity. Typing personalities by colour is a well-used method of determining your prospect's strengths and weaknesses, and understanding this will help you to cement your relationships more easily.

Of the 4 basic colours, the Green personality is by far the most complex in terms of the effort you will need to convince them to join you in your business.

Why? Because people with Green personalities are often overly analytical, perfectionists and resistant to change; typically they will work as researchers, scholars, computer programmers, accountants, etc where logic, accuracy, detail and organisation are core disciplines.

But don't give up on the cautious Green, because they're often persistant, ambitious, self-assured, confident and excellent planners. Their efficiency means that they rarely put themselves in tense situations; although don't try to impose deadlines on them, because they will happily miss a deadline if it means getting the job done properly!

You will need to give your Green prospect as much information (and possibly more) as they need in order for them to make a decision so, unlike the Red's, Blue's and Yellow's who have different motivations, the Greens generally need to know everything!

Above all, don't try to rush them into making a decision. Just ask whether they need to know anything more because, once you've got a Green in your business, you'll discover that they are solid, dependable, good listeners and diplomatic communicators. They can be a little self-critical, overly sensitive and sometimes a little critical of others, but they're also stable, compassionate and intuitive of other's needs.

Greens can be great leaders who like a good challenge - make that little bit of extra effort to get them on your team and you won't be sorry!


Objections: No Time

Probably one of the all time most-heard objections is "I'm not sure I'd have the time"

Like many other objections, it's most often not a deliberate ploy to try to get rid of you, but a genuine misconception that running a network marketing business from home needs to take hours and hours every day. This is particularly true if your prospect is already working in a JOB with other committments at home.

The truth is, of course, that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and you should let your prospect know that, if they really want to have the chance to enjoy the lifestyle that they have already told you they want, then they are simply going to have to Make Time .. with your help of course.

Tell them that you will be working closely with them initially so that you can help them apply some time management techniques, and that the number of hours each week that they put in is literally up to them. In reality, many people begin building their home businesses by putting in as few as seven hours per week.

If your prospect is really interested, and the time is right, this objection will be easy to overcome and you will easily put their mind at rest.


Personality Types: Blue

Do you think that you're cool, calm and collected in all situations, warm-hearted, innovative, organised, entrepreneurial, ambitious, persistent and successful? Or aren't you sure how others see you?
The psychology of colour profiling personality types has been around for many years, and is used in many situations. In network marketing, understanding the personality type of your prospective distributor or customer can be extremely helpful in allowing you to make your presentation in a way that will appeal to your audience.

Of course, whilst it's not guaranteed to work every time, the key is to Listen to your prospect, and you will quicky be able to identify which of the four main colour categories they fall into. Here are a few tips for the colour Blue:

Blue personalities tend to be fast-paced, people-oriented, creative and enthusiastic. They're generally fun-loving and love the approval of others. They are likely to be public speakers, sales people or connected to the entertainment industry.

You'll soon know whether you're speaking to a blue personality. They love to talk and, whilst not great listeners, they're outgoing and passionate speakers who love to verbally share ideas. However, they can be a little excitable, impulsive and unrealistic.

If you want to work with this person, there's no point into going into all the minute detail of the business, as blue's are slightly disorganised and more likely to act on feelings rather than logic. Your presentation needs to be short and succinct. You need to make it sound exciting and fun. No drudgery for blues, or they'll be rushing off to the next opportunity. Blue's are motivated by recognition and the approval of others. Tell them about the social activities that come with the business and you'll be appealing to what motivates them most.

Blue personalities have an eye on the future. They tend to make quick decisions and they make lots of right (and wrong) calls, but are quickly up and running onto the next one. Introduce a Blue into your business and it will never be dull. Slightly dramatic, poor at following up and usually on the lookout for fun, this high energy, stimulating social magnet will also be an inspirational motivator for your team.

Objections: How Long Have You Been Doing It?

The temptation to be a little creative with the absolute truth is so attractive when you've just started a new network marketing business, because we want to appear cool, experienced and successful in front of our new prospect.

However, not many people can be economic with the truth without giving themselves away in some small way.

Our advice is to simply:
Answer Honestly

Novel idea eh? But it doesn't have to diminish your opportunity just because you haven't been doing it very long yourself. Simply make your prospect aware that you're quite new to the business yourself, and that's why you'll be introducing them to some of your business partners who have been in the business much longer, and who they will be working with as well as yourself. Make it clear that they will be part of a team of people.


Sir Alan: You're Hired!

Uncanny that the day after my musings of Sir Alan's personality and his success on The Apprentice that he should be hitting the headlines after being given a top government job.

Love him or hate him, there's no doubt that he has business experience and, if this article in today's Telegraph is anything to go by, we're witnessing the next phase in Britain's economic history in the making!

One thing for sure is that there seems very little dignity in what's currently happening in Britain's top echelons of government power; but perhaps we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg.



Who's going to win the Apprentice?

I can't help it, but I'm a fan and, whereas Big Brother leaves me in a fog (I just don't get it) I'm glued to the edge of my seat whenever Sir Alan opens his mouth?

What is it that attracts us to some types of personalities, whilst others leave us cold?

Is it me, or have the women been strong characters this year in comparison to the men? They certainly seem to be willing to stab each other in the back in their scramble to be the Apprentice. I wonder what Sir Alan's really thinking behind that inscrutible face of his. He certainly seems to show incredible loyalty towards his employees (his two advisors on the show have been with him for year apparently), yet there's little loyalty in his contestants.

How many of us genuinely believe that we would be much better than any of them? I certainly am guilty of criticising practically every task that they do, but am big enough to wonder if I could perform any better on camera.

Is it all just entertainment, and I'm being royally taken in? If so, I do it willingly and will be avidly awaiting the outcome on Sunday (albeit with a glass of red for company).


Personality Types: Red

There are lots of books and research papers about typing personalities by colour, and this has been incorporated by some larger corporations into their interviewing process. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly identify the personality of the person you are speaking to about your opportunity, and tailor your presentation in the best way possible so that you only need to discuss what your prospect wants to hear to understand how the business could work for them?

The key is to Listen to your prospect, and you will quicky be able to identify which of the four main colour categories they fall into. Here are a few tips for the colour Red:

Red personalities generally live up to their name; independent, dominant, feisty, outspoken, goal-orientated, risk-taker, efficient, persistent. A self-starter who enjoys a challenge and loves solving problems! They are likely to be pilots, politicians, CEO's or managing directors of firms, lawyers, military leaders etc etc.

When you're speaking to a red you'll soon know it. They're great at conversation, but not great listeners. They prefer to cut through the waffle and get straight to the point which can be a little disconcerting if you're not as quick off the mark yourself! In fact, they can sometimes come across a little brash or egocentric, but are generally admired for their forthrightness and honesty.

If you want to work with this person, you will need to outline the results that can be achieved in your business and you'll need to be specific, such as "reach this goal and you'll be entitled to a free car", "reach that goal and you'll receive a bonus of £1,000" etc.

Red personalities aren't easily coachable, and are quickly bored by both inactivity and the mechanics of a business. They prefer to set off running and be independent. They may be impulsive and demanding but they also get results. Introduce a red personality type into your business and you'll have someone who can sometimes be insensitive to the feelings of others in their drive to the top, but their activity and enthusiasm for the task will motivate some of the slower movers.
Exhausting as they can sometimes be, red personalities are a definite asset to any team.


Personality Types: Yellow

Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly identify the personality of the person you are speaking to about your opportunity, and tailor your presentation in the best way possible so that you only need to discuss what your prospect wants to hear to understand how the business could work for them?

It would certainly allow you to present your business in a more simplified way, and give you more time to build a relationship with your prospect.

If you take a few minutes to Listen to your prospect, you will quicky be able to identify which of the four main colour categories they fall into. Here are a few tips for the colour Yellow:

Yellow personality types will usually talk about how they like to help people, their feelings and are clearly warm-hearted and often softly-spoken. They are likely to work in the care industry, as teachers, social workers etc. Yellow personalities are often great communicators because they listen to other people's needs and can often make a great addition to your team because they will take the time to help other people grow their business.

Yellow personalities may not be quite as 'go getting' as other personality types, and will need to adjust to your business prosposal gradually. They may need the input of other people they trust, and will need the freedom to work at their own pace. But they are generally good team players. Dependable, patient and supportive.

If you want to work with this person, you will need to explain how your product will help people; help them save money, help them to lose weight, help increase energy, help generate an income that will allow them to spend more time at home with their family etc. etc. as this will motivate them much more than a fantastic compensation plan or the incentive trips and cars you can win.

Get this right, and you will have a good, solid partner in your team.

Google Profile

Whether you've got an online campaign running or not, you want people to be able to find you on Google; even if it's so that you can put a link to your main Telecom Plus, blog, social networking site or any other site.

It's free and simple to set up a Google profile, that will practically guarantee you a top 10 listing in google when your name is typed in.

Simply go to http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?answer=97703 and you will see more information and a 'create my profile' button. What could be easier?

Just a small tip. When typing in your 'nickname', put your own full name in the box - it will make it easier for anyone typing your name into google to find you.