The Tried and Tested Way

With so much emphasis these days on using the internet to grow your business, some of the tried and tested methods have been left out of some training programmes. We believe that everyone should take advantage of every method of lead generation that they can, including the non-internet methods. For anyone just starting out we suggest the following:

  • Start writing a list of potential customers. Aim for at least 200 names and keep expanding. (yes, it's a lot, but not everyone says yes, you know).
  • Write out postcards to your friends & family and post them out.
  • Make sure you take advantage of all available training.
  • Contact friends and family and 'practice' on them. (don't forget that even friends and family sometimes say no - don't fall out with them, but simply pass on to the next one).
  • Find out when the open evenings are being held near you - For our Telecom Plus team these are called COP's (career opportunity presentations) and take a guest or guests along. They're a great way of letting your potential new distributor find out a bit more about your business opportunity in a non-threatening environment.
  • Be your own customer! This is not mandatory of course, but you might as well be your own first customer if the product suits you.
  • Hand out presentation DVD's. These are often a good ice-breaker and often make a better job of presenting your business opportunity than most new marketers could. Ask them to have a look at it and let you have their opinion. What bits about it did they like best?

Most importantly, remember that some people will say NO. Yes, it happens! - don't dwell on it, just move onto the next person.

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