Telecom Plus Year End Results

Fantastic year end results have been announced by Telecom Plus plc; even more so given the current economic climate where businesses are struggling to meet their financial commitments, and staff are either losing their jobs or having hours cut. Brief highlights are as follows:

Financial Highlights:
  • Turnover up 49% to £278.3m (2008: £186.5m)
  • Profit before tax up 34% to £22.5m (2008: £16.8m)
  • Year-end net cash balance of £25.4m (2008: £30.3m)
  • EPS up 37% to 24.2p (2008: 17.7p)
  • Final dividend of 12.5p per share (2008: 10p) making a total for the year of
    17.5p per share (2008: 14p); this represents an increase in the total
    payment of 25% compared with last year.
Operating Highlights:
  • Accelerating organic growth
  • Customer base now exceeds 281,000 (2008: 217,857)
  • 34% increase in the number of services being supplied
  • Business Club has grown by 69% to 16,163 members (2008: 9,537)
  • Over 27,000 distributors at year end (2008: 19,600)
  • Successful launch of new CashBack card
  • New office headquarters - first phase refurbishment complete

These results are significant, but not surprising, given the Which? Best Buy awards and Customer of The Year award earlier this year, and represent increasing confidence as highlighted in this extract from Chairman Charles Wigoder's Statement:

“We are still the UK’s only fully integrated multi-utility provider, offering customers
consistent value across a wide range of services with the added convenience of
receiving just a single clear and concise bill each month. Our distribution channel has
demonstrated its continuing ability to gather high quality new customers, cost effectively and in increasing volumes; this gives us a considerable competitive advantage in the residential market.”

It is well known that in times of economic hardship we see a resurgence of small businesses as people look for alternative ways of creating an income. It would seem that people are beginning to realise, like us, that for a very small outlay of less than £200, unlimited free training, the support of an award winning customer service team and enlightened, forward thinking management, Telecom Plus offers everyone the chance for people to build their own residual income - something that working for someone else will never do - without costly overheads and whilst allowing us to work at our own pace, part-time or full-time.


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