Success Sabateurs!

Are you the victim of a success sabateur? Have you joined a work-from-home network marketing business full of enthusiasm and bright hopes for the future, only to have your friends, family & colleagues predict that it won't work, that network marketing 'never' works? Do they roll out the never-ending negative objections when you try to discuss your product or opportunity with them?

If so, and you're serious about wanting to change your life, you need to develop a specific mindset when speaking to people such as this.

First of all, ask yourself 'why' they're being so negative (and I'm sorry to say that it's usually those closest to you that will reject your offer, which hurts when you're just starting out and expecting everyone to be as enthusiastic as you). Ask yourself what qualifies them to speak to you so authoritatively about what 'will' and 'won't' work. Are they experts? Are they successful business entrepreneurs in their own right and giving balanced advice to truly help you? Are they stuck in a boring job that just pays enough to make a reasonable living? Are they rich? Do they have lots of free time to do anything they please and lots of income to allow them to do just that? Are they always this negative .. or just, perhaps, a teeny bit jealous of the fact that you're taking action.

I think you already know the answers to those questions. So why listen? and why let it disillusion you and shatter your dreams?

The answer? If you listen to these people, if you believe what they say, then you will NOT succeed in your new business. You will lose your motivation and you will join their ranks. You've just let the success sabateurs win!

The solution? Listen to them, thank them for their input and make it quite clear that you see it as an opportunity that will allow you to change your life forever - hey, if it doesn't work it doesn't work right? But how will you ever know if you don't try? If it's not for them, so be it. It doesn't cost much to join, it's a great product, so where's the harm? A small up-front investment and a chance to retire early - not a bad reason for giving it a go! Thanks for listening to me. I appreciate your time and all the best to you.

See what you've done? You certainly haven't walked away with your head down and your heart disillusioned. Instead, you've positioned yourself already as a leader. You're not desperate for their business. You're simply offering them something that, if they don't want it, you've no problem with. Good luck, thanks very much, on to the next. Influence them with your posture and your attitude, rather than be influenced by them with their negativity.

People in this business are just people. Some are confident, some are shy, some are impressionable. But the fact is that everyone has the same chance of success if they're prepared to put in some time and invest in themselves. Invest in training, invest in self-development, invest in your future. It's up to you. If you don't make it big, you will know that you gave it your best shot. If you realise your dream you'll have realised your potential. If you make just enough to have a couple of holidays a year, or buy a new car, or pay off the mortage, you're definitely a winner.

But, whatever you do, don't let the success sabateurs rob you of that dream

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