Overcoming Objections

Every now and then we come across objections. Don't approach these in a negative way - in fact quite the opposite. It is entirely natural for people to want to know more about the business they might want to be involved with. So answer the objections honestly and fully.

We'll be posting some objections, and possible responses, from time to time. If you've got any good suggestions, post them in the comments box for everyone to share.

We'll start off with this one: "How much do you make?"

This is a great question, and one suggested answer would be:

"Great question, but it's the wrong question to ask. Instead, you should be asking how much you can make, because everyone works at a different pace, and for a different reason. However, what I can promise you is that I will be doing everything I can to help you grow your business successfully."


  1. I would NOT use the "but".
    "Great question, how much we make is why we are in the business. I am surprised you ask how much I make as I would think it's more relevant how much you can make? And even how much I can help you make that much and how quickly ?"

  2. I like your take on it Greg. It reads well. Thanks for contributing. Gloria


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