The Office is Finished!

If you've read my profile, you'll know that I am bricks & mortar business owner as well as being a network marketer. The last couple of weeks has really highlighted some of the differences to me.

First of all, there are the physical premises. I run an estate agent & letting agency business with two offices. One of our offices housed a building society who have recently been closing some of its agencies (the economic downturn at work again). Our office was one of the ones it has pulled out of. I decided to take this as a positive move for us rather than negative, which meant a complete refurbishment of the office when the building society's technology/desks etc were taken out.

The result is fantastic. Modern fresh decor to match our desks, computers etc, much more space to move around in, and a very professional look. But at what cost? Apart from the monetary cost of refurbishment, there has been the time spent in manually doing all the decorating and any other jobs possible to save costs which has meant roping in staff and family.

Then there was the operating time lost whilst the refurbishment was being carried out; in my business we're expected to be on call pretty much every minute of the day so we've had a bit of soothing to do, although most tenants and landlords were reasonably understanding; they did after all only miss two days of our service whilst my family and I had to work all over bank holiday weekend plus those couple of days.

So all in all, a happy result. But when I compare it to my networking business where I can work from home; no holiday charts to juggle, repairs to organise, and the million-and-one other things that take up time in a 'traditional' business, it made me realize that network marketing has a serious edge for anyone considering starting a business.

Add to this the very real option of building up a monthy residual income - something that no 9-5 job will ever do for you, and it's even more attractive!

So take a tip from me. Don't dismiss network marketing. What does it cost to try out your belief in yourself? With Telecom Plus, less than £200, and you get to be part of my team, and most other network marketing opportunities will be similarly priced.

Very small risk indeed if you have any measure of self-belief.

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