Articles are Big Business

If you're serious about wanting to increase your profile on the internet, and stand a chance of getting on those first few pages of google or other search engines in the 'organic' or 'free' listings, then you need to consider article marketing as part of your strategy.

Contrary to many people's fears, you don't need to be a pullitzer prize-winning writer to be able to write an article. In fact, many of us have an area of expertise that we can quite happily write about. However, you need to be a little disciplined in the way you structure your articles for maximum impact with search engines. Check out our article on the subject, and the two step-by-step videos on our blog that show you how to set up an e-zine articles account, and make your first article submission.


  1. Exactly.... Many people do not yet realize what an amazing opportunity article writing is.

    Truth is... Google loves Ezine Articles. It is highly possible for the average person to find first page ratings with Google if they use Ezine Articles.

    It's reasonable to say that a person could learn how to write articles in a way that get's high ratings (more than 50% of the articles rating #1) within a few short hours.

    Well said....

    Nick Davis

  2. I agree with Nick. I've posted a few article myself, and it's surprising how quickly they can appear in the ratings... Jim

  3. Thanks for these comments. Article marketing really does work, and I'm glad you gents agree. Gloria


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